Our specialties

“While we can do just about everything, we excel in some areas “

Over the years, we have built a solid reputation for the work we are doing. Since 2006 we have built, rebuilt, renovated, extended and fit-out hundreds of properties.

- bathroom

A bathroom might be the first place you will go to in the morning or the last one before going to bed. You might be dressed or undressed. Therefore we believe it is one of the most essential room in a house: it needs to feel cosy, comfortable, safe and be functional.


- kitchen

Whether you are single or a family of 6, a large kitchen with plenty of kitchen bench space is a requirement for anyone who likes cooking. Lots of storage is always a bonus and a good ergonomic a must.


- Deck

At Double D Construction we believe that every household should have a deck to enjoy the sunny days outdoor with the family and friends. Whether you want a large one for the BBQ and a couple lounge chairs or a small one for couch, there is a right deck for everyone.


- bar

One of the most efficient way for a bar or a restaurant to attract customers is to look amazing on the inside: welcoming, cozy yet specious enough for a large to group come in.


Double D Construction – 2020