Our company

“Ever since Double D Construction was founded, we have been innovating and improving”

Our mission is to help you build your dream.

To make your dream home become reality, we work by a few standards;

- Work together

Not only are the people working at Double D Construction part of the team, you are as well. Together as a team we will be working on your dream home every step of the way.

- Communicate

To work together we need to communicate. In the years that we have been renovating and building dream homes we have learnt that communication is the key. It is important to keep each other up to date every step of the way during your build.

- Down to earth approach

At Double D Construction we try to keep everything simple and easy with a down to earth approach. We value honesty and know its important to be realistic.

- Keep renovating fun

We know that renovating can be stressful and can test your patience. That is why we believe that with some good old humor along the way we can keep renovating fun. So when you look back on your build its not just the end result but also that it was something to enjoy!

Fully licensed

guaranteed professionals

Registered Masterbuilder

Building with a registered master builder means we are bringing high quality skills, qualifications and experience to build the home of your dreams.

Only a registered master builder can offer you the peace of mind of a 10-year master build guarantee on residential work. To be a registered master builder, building experience, professional qualifications and practical management experience are assessed. Our workmanship is inspected and our clients contacted, to ensure that our work is of a high standard and has satisfied our client’s expectations.

Licensed Practitioner Builder

Being a Licensed Building Practictioner (LBP) means we are listed on an online public register so clients can identify us as licensed. We are being assessed to be competent to carry out work essential to a residential building’s structure every year

Hazard Co

The HazardCo system provides us with an effective way to implement and maintain a Health & Safety system. We take health and safety very seriously. We provide a safe place to work, using safe equipment and appropriate materials.

Double D Construction – 2017